Question: I'm running ...[xxx-system]... with Xserver and keep having problems 
launching a display monitor when executing d.mon (from x0 to x6). Here 
is the error message: 
 * Graphics driver [x0] started 
 * Color: can't set color 0
 * Color: can't set color 0

Answer: You have a conflict with color tables
because of using a color consuming program (like Netscape)
on a 8bit (256 colors) XWindows system.

Solution 1:

First start the GRASS monitor, then start the further application(s) like Netscape etc.

Solution 2:

Start XWindows in 15/16/24 bit if you have a sufficient video card. Read on here for setting color depth of XWindows server.

Markus Neteler 10. Sept. 1999

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