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GRASS 6 Programmer's Manual

GRASS 6 Programmer's Manual

Please cite GRASS when using it as we have invested a lot of time and effort in creating GRASS.
GRASS Development Team (<year>). Geographic Resources Analysis Support System (GRASS), GNU General Public License. ITC-irst, Trento, Italy,

GRASS 6: The manual has been integrated into the source code (doxygen format) and can be extracted with 'make pdfdocs' or downloaded from this page.

Contents of directory lib/:

bitmap     : bitmap library for X Window Bitmaps
btree      : binary tree library
bwidget    : tcl/tk extra library
cdhc       : library for testing normality and exponentiality
D          : display library
datetime   : DateTime library
db         : database management interface database drivers + SQL parser (DBMI)
display    : library for CELL driver
dspf       : G3D display files library
edit       : edit library
external   : external libraries from other projects (shapelib)
fonts      : Hershey fonts
form       : forms library
front.end  : interface for interactive modules
g3d        : G3D raster volume library
gis        : main GRASS library
gmath      : generic mathematical functions (matrix, fft etc.)
             (later to be extended, BLAS/LAPACK library)
gtcltk     : Tcl/Tk stuff
image      : extra imagery library (image3)
imagery    : imagery library
init       : GRASS initialization code + scripts
linkm      : linked list memory manager
ogsf       : openGL (R) library (required for NVIZ)
proj       : PROJ4.4.x projection library
raster     : GRASS raster display library (raster map functions are in gis/)
rowio      : row in/out library
rst        : library for interpolation with regularized splines with tension
segment    : segment library
sites      : old Sites library, now interfaced to vect library
symbol     : drawing symbols for point vector data
vask       : curses management library
vect       : GRASS vector and Direct Graph library

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