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ODBC driver in GRASS

Communication between GRASS and ODBC database for attribute management:
GRASS module <->  <--> ODBC Interface <--> RDBMS
GRASS DBMI driver unixODBC ODBC driver PostgreSQL

Supported SQL commands

All SQL commands supported by ODBC.

Operators available in conditions

All SQL operators supported by ODBC.


In this example we copy the dbf file of a SHAPE map into ODBC, then connect GRASS to the ODBC DBMS. Usually the table will be already present in the DBMS. Note that you can also connect mySQL, Oracle etc. through ODBC to GRASS. You can also check the vector map itself concerning a current link to a table:
v.db.connect -p mytable.shp
which should print the database connection through ODBC to the defined RDBMS.


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