Binaries provided by William Kyngesburye:

  • Universal binaries of GRASS GIS 6.4 (stable) for PPC and Intel Macs
  • Install the required framework packages first (details on the download page)
  • Download:

Release notes

Binaries provided by Michael Barton:

  • Current snapshots of GRASS GIS 6.4 (stable), and GRASS GIS 7.0 (beta)
  • Install the required framework packages first
  • Download:

Release notes

GRASS 7 notes: Beta, but very promising (see New Features) and usually works. Direct compatibility with earlier versions is not guaranteed but provided with automated conversion tools (affects vector topology).

Older versions for Mac OS X

  • Download GRASS GIS and frameworks from the archive for previous Mac OS X versions.


Compile instructions for Mac OS X

Download >> Software >> Mac OS X | Last change: 05-Apr-2014