[ GRASS: 6.4 stable | 7.0 beta | 7.1 devel ]

GRASS GIS 6.4 (stable) packages

Most users will want to install this officially released version.

Release notes

Several linux distributions provide pre-compiled GRASS GIS packages through their software repositories (hover the mouse over the following list to see the install command). Here an incomplete list:

Sometime the packages are not updated to the last version of GRASS GIS. In this case, you may compile the latest release yourself, see below.

GRASS GIS 7.0 (beta, upcoming stable) packages

Upcoming stable release, see New Features and GRASS GIS 7.0.0 beta1 announcement
Direct compatibility with earlier versions is not guaranteed but provided with automated conversion tools (affects vector topology).

GRASS GIS 7.1 (development) packages

Active development and experimental version.

Source code

Compile yourself

If the latest GRASS GIS versions are not available within your distribution or you want to compile it from source yourself, please read the instructions here.

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